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Eyes obfuscated by cataract might one day be treated with drops instead of surgery, another creature study proposes. Today, surgery is the main method for treating cataract, the main source of visual impairment on the planet. Specialists remove shady lenses and supplant them with simulated lenses. However, analysts have found that a natural compound called lanosterol can enhance vision by dissolving the clustered proteins that frame cataract. An affirmed and viable treatment for the condition is surgery which incorporates supplanting the impeded lens or the obfuscated lens with another one made of plastic. In situations where these substitutions or inserts can't totally cure the condition, the vision is then redressed by utilizing spectacles and contact lenses. Aside from the surgery and utilization of contact lenses there are a few medications that can be utilized to treat cataract and enhance the vision.

  • Non-surgical treatment of cataracts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Post-operative care
  • Pain management in cataract and refractive surgery
  • Lens care products

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